Marketo recently awarded some of its partners and customers who have shown innovation in their use of their automation systems. Over the years these awards have attracted new customers who make the switch to Marketo software but many of them admit that making the switch is not that easy.

Pluralsight was one of the 2016 winners of an award and they recently made that switch to Marketo software. One of the questions a tech journalist asked one of their representatives was to give 4 tips to help switch marketing automation systems.

“In our case, it took a team effort, everyone had to be involved so that we all know what is happening and how it will affect us.” Was the reply from the Pluralsight representative.

According to some of the people at Marketo, they had to sit down with all the stake holders and this included the engineering marketing, the IT guys as well as the top executives to ensure that they understood and supported the entire process of change of system.


Getting everyone involved is a tip that was echoed by a number of other people asked for 4 tips to help switch marketing automation systems.

Another critical step mentioned was educating everyone about the new system and how it is going to improve their work. In the case of Pluralsight, the change of system was intended to improve the customer experience. many of the company’s B2B marketers had already identified a need for this so it was a matter of getting them to understand how it would improve the experience and how best it can be used to achieve that.

If the switch is to a similar software, there may not be much of a problem but all the same industry professionals recommend that all those who will be using the new system get training. There have been cases where a business switches to a new and better software but fail to see the benefits of the switch because the marketers were not given enough training on how to use the software to improve their marketing process.

According to an article in CIO goals need to be set and measurable targets as well so that a business is able to compare performance before and after the introduction of the new system. “The first few months after the switch are an opportunity to see how effective the system is and setting targets that can be monitored will help decide if the switch is an advantage to the marketing of a business.” The article reads.

Businesses that have automated marketing systems are constantly trying to remain ahead of the competition by looking out for better systems but not all of them are successful in making that switch. According to research, a number of them have trouble in the initial stage trying to find the right system that will work well for their particular industry. This should be included in the 4 tips to help switch marketing automation systems. The switch should be to a compatible system.