Non Surgical Hair Replacement Toronto

Hair loss can be very emotionally devastating for some people.  Young people, women, and children are hardest hit by confidence and social issues when hair loss strikes.  For them Hair Replacement Systems Toronto is something they just have to do something about.  With the development of many treatment and hair restoration methods, hair loss no longer means the end of the world.

The first thing that comes to the mind of people who suffer from alopecia is to have their condition treated.  And for treatment to be effective it must begin at the root of the problem; people should get a hair and scalp analysis from a qualified professional, preferably a member of the Canadian Dermatology Association or similar professional organizations.  An analysis will reveal if you are indeed suffering from significant hair loss; some people don’t realize that humans normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Once it is established that a person is suffering from some form of alopecia, the next important step is to determine the reason for the hair loss.  Some hair loss cases are caused by the intake of medicine, such as ones to combat cancer.  Stress and emotional issues can cause hair to fall.  Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis and heart problems may also lead to hair loss.  Genetics may also be the cause.

Once the cause is determined Hair Replacement Systems in Toronto will be designed to correct or alleviate the condition.  When the cause is removed, the hair fall stops.  People with medical issues are sent to see specialists to receive either a cure or a reduction of their condition’s symptoms.  Patients with emotional issues may be referred to psychiatrists.  For patients genetically inclined to go bald, only hair nourishment and rejuvenation techniques can help.

When attempts to treat hair loss do not produce positive results, then people turn to various methods of hair restoration.  Currently available hair restoration techniques can be generally classified into two types: surgical methods and non-surgical methods.  Each class has its advantages and limitations.

Surgical methods, when successful, are the most natural hair restoration methods; it is also a permanent solution that does not require maintenance.  However, it is not applicable for completely bald people, can take a long time, and is expensive.  Care also needs to be taken that these are only undertaken by fully qualified specialist physicians.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration provides almost instant hair that closely matches the patient’s original hair.  The latest hair restoration techniques allow the wearer to remain active without fear of the hairpiece falling off; they can bathe, shampoo, run, and even swim confidently.  Non Surgical Hair Restoration cost are quite inexpensive when compared to surgical methods and may be designed to remedy anything from early stage alopecia, to complete baldness.  However, it is not a permanent solution; the longest duration for a hairpiece is about 7 years.  It also requires maintenance to adjust for natural hair growth in those not completely bald, and styling to match natural hair color as the wearer ages.

Anyone suffering from hair loss needs to discuss options with hair loss professionals. It may not be as bad as it appears.