These days you cannot just trust that food available at the usual grocery and food stores are safe.  Not greens and fruits which may contain harmful chemical residue from pesticides and fertilizers as well as harmful bacteria from improper storage and transport.  Meat products too are prone to chemical contamination if growth hormones and antibiotics have been used on the animals they came from.  Add to that periodic news about bird flu in poultry, hoof and mouth disease in pork, red tide contamination in fishes and mad cow disease in cattle and you don’t really know what food is safe to eat anymore.  Even the Food & Consumer Products of Canada,which represent food producers, is on guard to ensure food safety.  Health store Toronto offers safer food choices that are free of contaminants and are not genetically modified in any way.

No self respecting health store should be without a proper selection of organic produce, and the best health store in Toronto has a great selection to choose from.  Fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives are not used on organic fruits and vegetables.  While they are safe from chemical contaminants generally have shorter shelf life.  Because of this, most organic produce are sourced from nearby local farms, and are much fresher than any commercially grown fruit or vegetable you will see in supermarkets.

As for eggs and dairy products like milk, butter, and cheeses, health stores Toronto also contract local farmers for an ample supply.  Whenever possible these health stores specifically ask for products from free range animals.  But meat lovers will have a problem as most health stores do not stock meat; these stores usually specialize in organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.  But as a consolation, some health food stores stock vegemeat which is a much healthier alternative to real meat anyway.  Only those with gluten sensitivity should refrain from ingesting vegemeat.  In some of thebest natural health stores in Toronto, you can also find lightly processed food products from local sources.  These mainly consist of pickles, jams and the occasional baked pies.

Health stores are a great source of foods which are safer than most commercially available food.  They are also generally of the type that provide abundant health benefits that lead to more active and vibrant lives.